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6.66kW Residential Solar System | 18x Jinko 370w Mono PERC (66 cell) Solar Panels + 5kW Growatt Inverter (single phase) WiFi capable


Only $66 per fortnight over 2 years. $0 down.

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Growatt 5kW single phase inverter

Growatt 5kw Single Phase Solar Inverter With Dual MPPT IP65 With WIFI Capability

  • Max efficiency 98.7%
  • DC/AC ratio up to 1.4
  • Touch key and OLED display
  • Support zero-export application
  • Free online monitoring
  • Remote upgrade

Free warranty extension to 10 years

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Jinko 370w Cheetah

18 x Jinko 370 Watt 66 Cell CHEETAH PLUS Mono-PERC 35mm Black Frame Solar Panel

Increased Energy Production

On average a PERC solar panel is about 1% more efficient than a traditional panel. Although this gain seems small on its own, on a full PV system this can add up to 5% more energy production.

Increased Low-light and High-heat Performance

PERC solar panels excel particularly well in both high-heat environments and low-light environments, with about a 3% increase in efficiency.

Smaller Roof Footprint

Because PERC panels are more efficient, solar designers and installers need fewer of them to create the same power as traditional panels. This means a solar panel system using PERC panels can fit onto smaller roofs.

Latest Technology and Peace of Mind

The Jinko CHEETAH 370w Mono PERC panel is one of the newer panels on the market. With exceptional efficiency and warranties backed by the world's largest panel manufacturer, your investment will reap a strong return for years to come.

Linear Performance: 12 Year PRODUCT Warranty and 25 Year PERFORMANCE Warranty

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This offer applies to installations in SE Qld only. Installations in other regions in QLD will incur additional charges.

Pricing is applicable for conventional tin roof installation. Tiled roofs will cost extra.

Meter upgrades, if needed, are not included in the quoted pricing.



  • 10 year inverter warranty
  • 12 years panel linear performance warranty and 25 years panel product warranty
  • 5 years installation warranty

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