Commercial Solar

Solar for businesses, schools and other organizations is a "no -brainer" decision in our opinion. With energy price hikes that appear to have no end, installing solar should be as much a part of your business strategy as marketing, finance, human resources and any other business necessity.

You no longer need a large CAPEX spend to buy solar and then wait 4 years or more before you are in positive payback position. Increasing electricity costs, better savings, lower solar costs and government rebates all work in your favour. Smart business owners see Solar as an exceptional strategy for reducing business operating costs.

Our Commercial Solar expertise ranges from the smaller 5kW industrial unit system to 100kW. Our process starts with the assessment of your needs, analysis of your usage and solar savings and then working out the best solution for you based on OPEX or CAPEX need, system quality, your budget and performance need. We take care of the entire process for you, from assessment to system design and suggestion, application, installation and grid connection.

Whether you own or lease your property, we have a solution for you.

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What you get...

  • A quality solar system tailored to your needs
  • Immediate energy cost reduction with ZERO upfront outlay (conditions apply)
  • A system that pays for itself
  • Cash released into your business to grow your business
  • Improved business profitability and value

Residential Solar

Our residential solar solutions provide quality product at affordable pricing. Our trusted team of knowledgeable consultants will guide you through the selection and decision making process. What panels do you choose? What inverter? What direction will your panels face? How will they be placed on your roof? How much electricity will the system offset? To what extent will your system reduce costs and will it generate any revenue for you? These are all very pertinent questions that are integral to making a quality solar investment decision.

Not only will we guide you through the decision-making process but our expert team of Clean Energy Council Accredited installers provide quality installation time after time. Backed by our extensive warranties, your system will provide you ongoing cost reduction for many years to come. Rest assured, with X-Alt Solar you will make a quality solar decision.

Energy Efficiency

Our approach does not exclusively involve solar. Where we see need for other energy saving strategies such as LED lighting, Power Factor Correction or other options, we will discuss these with you and implement the required solution.


Being one of our specialties, we have a range of innovative and conventional solutions available depending on your needs.

Performance Monitoring

We work with you to monitor the performance of your system as we work towards best possible Return on your Investment. Our solution is not a "set and forget" transaction.

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"Very happy with ours, totally recommend Brian and X-Alt Solar" - Evans International Freight Consolidators, Morningside QLD

"Thanks Brian, the guys did an awesome job, we couldn't be happier!"- EC Connect, Underwood, QLD

"That's terrific thanks Brian. We are very pleased with the new system and the process. Thanks so much again." - Brett F, Noosaville QLD

"Hi Brian, You probably saw it was my best solar production day ever yesterday. 82kWh (13.32kW system). Also I have just had new neighbors move in next door and they "noticed" my solar. I have given them your business card and showed them the app and production. I did mention that they probably wont want a system as large as mine :)" - Andrew, Hillcrest QLD

"Hey Brian, Looks great, well done. I did thank the team on site on the day but please also convey my thanks to them for their professional workmanship and conduct. Not many  businesses on the coast operate this way. Thanks to all at  X-Alt Solar."- Brett H, Tallai QLD

"Again, many thanks for providing this installation. We are very pleased with the outcome" - Michael H, The Gap QLD

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