• 97.5kW Commercial Solar installation on a hotel north of Brisbane
  • 2 x Sungrow 50kW inverters and JA Solar panels

Commercial Solar

33kW : Solar Edge 25kW inverter with 100 x 330w Trina MONO panels. PPA soluton designed to save the tenant of the property 56% off their current electricity bill. $0 down for the tenant; no system maintenance; immediate savings and cash flow benefit. Landlord approval granted.

  • 42kW Commercial Solar installation south of Brisbane.
  • Just shy of 13kW for upstairs section and just over 29kW for downstairs section.
  • Cash flow positive solution for the tenant downstairs.
  • Solar Edge 25kW and 10kW inverters, REC panels with industry leading 25 year product and performance warranty
Commercial Solar

Commercial Solar
  • Not For Profit
  • 30kW Jinko Panels and Solis Inverter
  • No upfront cost installation
  • 4.5 year PPA
  • Cashflow positive from the outset

Commercial Solar
  • Commercial/Industrial Unit
  • 26kW: Jinko Panels and Solis Inverter
  • Cash Flow Positive from Day 1
  • Commercial Solar

Commercial Solar
  • Commercial/Industrial unit
  • Talesun Panels + Solar Edge
  • CashFlow Positive from day 1
  • On track for full payback in less than 3 years
  • Commercial Solar

6.6kW Commercial Solar Huawei inverter and Trina panels
  • 6.6kW Commercial Solar
  • Law firm, SEQ
  • Huawei inverter and Trina Mono panels

10.395 residential solar with solar edge and seraphim
10.395kW residential solar solution. Solar Edge and Seraphim combination.
9kW residential solaar installation with Solar Edge inverter and Seraphim panels
9kW Residential Solar installation: Solar Edge 3 phase inverter and Seraphim Mono panels

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