Premium 19.8kW Commercial Solar Bill Buster

Just $18,820 + Gst Fully Installed and Maintained

  • 25 year panel warranty (product and performance)
  • 20 year inverter warranty
  • 5 year installation warranty


60 x 330w REC NPEAK Half Cut Mono PERC Black Frame Solar Panels

1 x Solar Edge 15kW 3 Phase inverter with panel level optimization

Award winning Singapore manufactured REC panels with industry leading Solar Edge inverter and optimization technology. The online system monitoring portal with our ongoing management will give you the peace of mind that your ROI is in good hands.

With industry leading 25 year panel warranty and 20 year inverter warranty (12 + 8 extended), you can rest assured this quality product combination will provide the impetus you need to shave thousands of dollars per annum of your electricty bill. Aided by our innovative finance packages you can own this system from $0 down and generate positive cash flow that will go back into your business  budget!

REC Solar 330 Watt NPEAK Mono PERC Solar Panel

These panels enable you to pack in higher power into a limited space and achieve greater power levels with fewer panels.The REC N-Peak Series are premium n-type mono solar panels using REC's proven half-cut cell technology. What does this mean? High efficiency, high power, and high quality. Pure power from REC With up to 330 Wp in a 60-cell panel, the REC N-Peak Series uses the most efficient cell technology in the industry, capturing more sunlight thereby providing more power. The panel features the innovative REC 'Twin' cell layout design, where the panel is split into two twin sections, also enabling continued energy production, even when partially shaded.

ZERO LID: The loss of power generation capacity experienced by a standard solar panel on its first exposure to light is known as Light Induced Degradation (LID). This is a result of the combination of boron and oxygen inside a cell and causes a permanent drop in a standard panel's maximum power. Not with the REC N-Peak Series, however! The n-type technology in REC's N-Peak cells stops these two elements from mixing at any level, thereby fully preventing any occurrence of LID. Thus, the panel's power remains the same as when it left the REC factory meaning you always get exactly the power levels that you paid for.

SUPER-STRONG FRAME DESIGN: The REC N-Peak Series has extra support bars across the rear of the panel, greatly boosting its strength and durability, and allowing loads of up to 7000 Pa far exceeding the 5400 offered by conventional panels. This added strength enables you to achieve much higher energy yields. Combined with a 30 mm frame height, this frame design enables flexible installation options, making overcoming every obstacle easier during system design.

SolarEdge 15kW Three Phase Inverter

  • Specifically designed to work with power optimisers
  • Superior efficiency (98%)
  • Small, lightest in its class, and easy to install
  • Built-in module-level monitoring
  • Internet connection through Ethernet or Wireless (Wi-Fi, ZigBee Gateway, Cellular)
  • IP65 Outdoor and indoor installation
  • Fixed voltage inverter for longer strings
  • Smart Energy Management control
  • Integrated DC Safety Unit - eliminates the need for external DC isolators

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