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Dear ACA Qld 2021 conference attendee, welcome to ACA Qld conference 2021!

X-Alt Solar are proud support members of ACA Qld.

Solar has undoubted cost reduction and sustainability benefits for Early Learning Centres. To assist ELC's realise the cost saving and environmental benefits solar presents, we offer a no-obligation service to analyse your needs and size a solar system for maximum impact for your centre.

Solar is clearly beneficial to Early Learning Centres in almost every scenario we assess. The results post installation speak for themselves.

Please consider the ACA Qld Conference Specials below and contact us for your FREE solar consultation and assessment. Regardless of whether you own or lease your premises, we are extremely confident we can help you with a solar solution that WILL make a difference to your bottom line.

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X-Alt Solar

ACA QLD 2021 Conference Special Offer

A free and no obligation analysis and assessment of the potential savings and environmental impact from solar for your centre(s). Quoted options for each centre will include a "budget" system and an "A-class" option, including finance options for each

For new solar orders placed up to the end of August 2021, X-Alt Solar will offer ACA Qld members:

  • a FREE extended warranty on the inverter used in the installation,
  • a FREE INVERTER for the first installation for your organization (even if you only do a single installation)
  • 25% off the inverter for a second installation

Please quote 2021CONF discount code when you enquire.

Conditions apply.

NOTE: Whilst not a part of the special offer, all centres can (potentially) qualify for the instant asset write off (IAWO) on systems installed and operational prior to the end of June 2022. This is for outright purchase transactions or under chattel mortgage (finance). This can further enhance the cash flow impact of your system...check with your accountant.

Benefits of Solar

  • reduce your energy/operating costs
  • improve your profits and business value
  • contribute towards your environmental and sustainability obligations
  • free up cash flow to invest in other projects in your centre(s)


Misconceptions about Solar

Its expensive...Wrong: federal government rebates and the competitive nature of the industry make it a very affordable investment.  You will struggle to find a Return on Investment that rivals what you get from solar.

It has a large capital expenditure that makes it unfeasible to invest in...Wrong: We can use various financing models like PPA, Lease/Rental or Chattel Mortgage to install without ANY outlay at all on your behalf. The electricity savings pay for your system repayments. Usually there are sufficient savings to then have money left over to go back into your budget for other uses. We work through all these options with you at time of assessment.

We don't own our premises therefore we cannot have solar: Wrong...the aforementioned financing models, particularly PPA or Lease/Rental, can be very favourably structured to suit both tenant and landlord

Solar is not safe: Wrong again. The Clean Energy Council and Clean Energy Regulator oversee the installation of solar systems in Australia as well as the quality of product sold and the quality of the installation. Solar product goes through extensive testing before being approved for sale on the Australian market under the required standards. Plus many of the products we install (e.g.Solar Edge) have unique safety features.

Once installed, we have very little way of knowing how our system is performing and what benefit we are deriving from it. Again, not correct. Apart from seeing the benefit via reduced electricity bills, each system we sell has extensive monitoring accessible via portals for you to view your ongoing system performance. X-Alt Solar will continue to manage your system performance with you. Ours is not a "set and forget" model...we like to work with our clients ongoing.

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