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X-Alt Solar are  committed to assisting the Business sector to combat rising energy costs.There is a strong need among businesses small and large for pro-active and innovative energy cost reduction solutions. This is where we can help.

Our mission is to assist organizations take back control of their energy costs. Our method of achieving this is via Cash Flow Positive Commercial Solar solutions for our clients where the savings generated by the solar system offset the cost of the system from day one. We help you to achieve Immediate Energy Cost Reduction, Conquer your Energy Costs and have additional funds available for organizational growth.

Our approach is consultative and non-threatening. We assess your power usage and design a solar system accordingly. One that fits your budget, your cost reduction objectives and your specific needs. We can also assess and suggest other strategies that will benefit...including LED lighting and Power Factor Correction.

An entirely Australian owned and operated company, our team consists of qualified electrical, finance and renewable energy professionals. We understand the challenges faced by the business sector and can guide you through the process of maximum cost reduction whilst achieving maximum return on investment.

All work conducted is in accordance with Clean Energy Council guidelines.

Contact us today and start the journey to stress free energy bills. It's easier than you might think!

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