Commercial Solar Solutions

Business, Industry, Schools, Non Profits, Clubs, Body Corporates,  Churches & Motels.

How You Save on Our Commercial Service

Commercial solar solutions from ZERO initial outlay and immediate savings on electricity. 

You're no doubt aware of the benefits of solar and probably wanting to know more about an installation for your premises. 

During our consultation with you, X-Alt Solar will review your electricity consumption and needs to determine what your savings with a solar system could be. The analysis of your bill will include how much electricity your organisation is using, your tariff and billing structure, what proportion of that will be offset by solar power and what your annual estimating savings will be from your solar system. 

You'll receive a detailed Proposal, which includes a comprehensive analysis and report of your consumption and the projected solar impact and savings from your solar system.

There are dozens of solar system ingredients that need to be considered and selected to build a custom system for your organisation. 

Whether you are considering a large scale industrial system or a small commercial unit, there is an ideal solar solution for your needs that X-Alt Solar can configure.

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Clean Energy Council Compliant Systems

Your solar system will be contain Clean Energy Council approved panels, inverters and balance of system.

Your system will be installed by our professional CEC accredited team.

You can choose to pay for the system with cash or through easy to obtain finance thanks to our relationship with leading financiers. You can choose Chattel Mortgage, Operating Lease funding or ask about our Power Purchase Agreements. All of these options can be discussed during the consultation. 

The good news is. in most cases a system package can be designed that requires $0 outlay from you and is cash flow positive from the outset so you start to enjoy savings immediately, right from your first electricity bill. 

Our commercial solar solutions have been installed in businesses, schools, clubs, non-profits, commercial body corporate premises and churches. Don't delay, contact us by completing the form from the below link so we can get the process moving for you.

Residential Solar Solutions

Quality Systems that Save You Money from Day One

Join the Trend of Households Turning to Solar

Solar is one of the best ways to reduce household operating costs and presents a powerful return on your investment.

While there is a huge trend in society towards solar for homes, it can be confusing for the home owner considering a solar system.

There's so much to understand in selecting a solar system for your home and talking to a solar installation company who understands that need to educate you as a consumer during the quotation stage is important. 

The technology of solar systems is changing all the time. What may be the best solar panels one year could be different months later, so what a friend may have in their solar system, may not be what's best for your home months later. 

X-Alt Solar takes the time to explain the essential ingredients of an effective solar system. There are many different types of panels and dozens of inverters to choose from - all with their own specifications. 

The ideal system choice for one home can be different to a home in a different location. These reasons and many more can make the decision of solar ingredients challenging, especially to people not in the industry. 

Why Choose X-Alt Solar?

X-Alt Solar has the experience and years of consulting, designing and installation experience to determine which panel & inverter is suitable for your home and your objectives, without bias towards a specific brand, which is common with many solar installation companies. 

The cheapest systems are by no means the most effective for long term savings on your electricity bills. Consider that your solar system will last for decades, the initial cost is inconsequential compareds to the true savings on electricity over all those years. 

Our Clean Energy Council Accredited installers will ensure that your system is installed according to all CEC regulations. Our workmanship warranty gives you the peace of mind that you are installing quality that will last.

You can choose to install a solar monitoring platform with your system that gives you total transparency on the performance of your system ongoing and the assurance of the returns being generated by your investment. Ask about this option during your consultation.

Click on the link below to book a consultation with one of our professional consultants to start your journey to electricity savings. It's easier than you might think and you'll enjoy the education that comes with our consultation and the detailed Proposal with your recommended solar system. 

Finance packages are available to approved purchasers with easy terms. Everything you need to know to start enjoying savings on your new solar system can be provided with X-Alt Solar. Talk to our friendly, expert team today!

Solar Benefits

  • Immediate cost reduction on electricity. This saving alone may account for thousands of dollars that can be channelled elsewhere in your budget.
  • Clean Energy
  • Leverage off our expertise to guide you through the purchase decision
  • Quality product with management tools to track your investment
  • All product and workmanship is warranty backed

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